1. Eligibility Requirements for 2015 Summer Expo

Fill out the checklist below to determine your eligibility to attend.

 My Academy of Art University classes were taken 100% online in Spring 2015 or Fall 2014
 I am not a new student starting in Fall 2015 (If you are, please consider joining us for Expo '16.)
 I am not taking onsite classes in SU '15 or FA '15
 I am not an alumnus
 I can commit and will attend all Expo events scheduled 9AM – 5PM, Monday June 22nd through Friday, June 26th

During the EXPO I plan to stay:

 In Campus Housing
 Off campus in a hotel, other lodging or with friends/family
 At home, I am a local student
For details regarding guests, see below.
 I would like to bring a guest.

2. 2015 Summer Expo Application


3: 2015 Summer Expo Campus Housing Application

[Please complete the Housing application after you register for the EXPO itself.]



You will need to confirm your RSVP several times before the starting date of the Expo. Confirmation emails will be sent to you from Melinda Mettler, Director, Online Student Relations - mmettler@academyart.edu. Please make sure they don’t end up in your spam folder. Email Melinda if you have any questions.

Policies Regarding Guests

  • Guests can only attend the "Welcome" Monday morning and evening activities such as "Alumni Panel Q&A" and "Networking Party."
  • Just as on campus students are not permitted to have friends or family attend classes, Expo guests MAY NOT attend major-specific workshops, classes and other day time activities.
  • Students staying in Campus Housing may bring one guest.
  • There is an additional $375 charge for Campus Housing for guests. A $800 deposit is required to secure space for two people.
  • Guests can be a spouse, sibling or parent.
  • Guests who are friends must be the same gender as the student, no boy friends, girl friends, fiancées or fiancés.
  • No one under 18 years old can stay in Campus Housing.