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Leo Bugel
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Doctors were speechless when Leo Bugel was born in Oneonta, New York in 1988, probably due to the fact that when he left his mother’s whom he had a paintbrush in one hand, an easel in the other, and was wearing one of those funny French hats and a scarf. After miraculously surviving the horrifying weather conditions of upstate New York for eighteen years, he moved to San Francisco in 2005 and began attending Academy of Art University. He received his BFA in Fine Art Painting in the Spring of 2011. He is currently “painting his ass off” full-time. Bugel is not sure exactly what year he will die yet, but hopes that when he does, he doesn’t end up to be “one of those artists who was like, poor their whole life and then ends up famous after death.”
Oil on board
26 x 6
Silent Auction
Starting Bid: $200
Item S249

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