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How Do I Avoid Centralized Housing Check-In?

Resident students who wish to avoid Centralized Housing Check In need to confirm & complete the following steps to avoid delays in receiving room keys and moving into your assigned residence hall:


  1. You have a confirmed housing assignment for the upcoming semester (fall, spring, or summer).
  2. You have paid your rent/meal plan balance entirely, or have verified that Financial Aid will cover all or a portion of the balance.
Resident Students will not be permitted to receive keys and move in until step 2 (above) is complete.
  1. Your Housing deposit is at $500.00
  2. You have registered for full-time classes (3 classes for graduate students; 4 classes for undergraduate students).


Resident students may proceed directly to their assigned residence hall if they have completed and verified steps 1-4 listed above.

Please understand that everyone wants to move in right at 9:00am, which certainly causes delays in getting your keys and paperwork. To avoid any unnecessary delays, plan on coming a little later in the morning or afternoon...it will save you a lot of frustration!