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Campus Housing

Transfer Student

Housing is guaranteed for all new, full-time onsite students.

In order to be eligible for housing, you must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Be enrolled as a full-time onsite student (12 units in Fall/Spring and 6 units for Summer)
  • Fill out the housing application form online
  • Electronically sign the Housing License Agreement online
  • Pay $500 deposit online

After a 48-72 hour clearance period, you will be emailed a designated window to self-select your room online.

Access the online housing application.

The Student License Agreement is for the entire academic year (Fall and Spring). Housing costs are by semester only. Utility costs (electric, water, gas, trash and heat) are included in the housing costs. Please note that building/residence hall availability is limited in the Summer semester.

Housing costs are determined based on the room type assigned; you will be billed for the type of room assigned to you and if you change rooms during the semester, your housing costs will be adjusted accordingly.

Residence Hall Prices (under 21)

Private Room

  FA/SP Semester Summer Semester
with full bath $6,780 $3,450
with half bath $6,450 $3,300
room only $6,150 $3,150

Double Occupancy
(2 students / room)

  FA/SP Semester Summer Semester
with full bath $4,520 $2,300
with half bath $4,300 $2,200
room only $4,100 $2,100

Share Occupancy
(3-4 students/room)

  FA/SP Semester Summer Semester
with full bath $4,000 $2,050
with half bath $3,800 $1,950
room only $3,600 $1,850

* Prices are subject to change without notice.

Apartment Prices (over 21 only)

Private Room

  FA/SP Semester Summer Semester
Studio $7,090 $3,600
Studio, no kitchen in unit $6,780 $3,450
Room with shared unit $6,500 $3,315

Double Occupancy
(2 students / room)

  FA/SP Semester Summer Semester
Studio $4,725 $2,415
Dbl room w/shared unit $4,515 $2,315
Converted living room $4,305 $2,200

Share Occupancy
(3-4 students/room)

  FA/SP Semester Summer Semester
Studio $3,780 $1,950

* Prices are subject to change without notice.

Living on campus is especially beneficial for any new student. Housing gives you the unique opportunity to network with your peers from the comforts of your home. The student and professional staff of each residence hall are specially trained to aid and support you as you begin your undergraduate career. Other advantages to living on campus are direct access to campus shuttles, proximity to many academic buildings, and the opportunity to create lifelong friendships with those in your community.

Each first year hall is staffed with a Resident Director (RD). An RD is a full-time working professional who is dedicated to the personal and academic advancement of the first year community. RDs lead a team of Resident Assistants (RAs) to ensure a successful transition of our new students into college life.

Resident Assistants (RAs) are undergraduate and graduate students that organize community events in your residence halls. RAs live in every residence hall on campus and are on call every weeknight between 5pm – 9am and 24 hrs on weekends for resident services & emergencies. Some residence halls have Graduate Assistants (GAs), who are graduate students that act as a liaison between RAs and RDs. Our student staff members undergo a heavily selective interview process followed by a thorough training to provide support, resources, and guidance to residents in housing.

Dining services at AAU are provided by Sodexho. The 620 Café at Clara Gil Stephens (620 Sutter) provides restaurant style accommodations for students. All meals are made to order and are placed via a touch screen menu. The International House Café at 860 Sutter and the Rodin Café at 1055 Pine are the other two options that provide a more traditional atmosphere to residence hall dining, including daily specials and grill menus. All residence halls offer a salad bar, fountain drinks, and vegetarian options.

Meal plans are $1,950.00 for the Fall or Spring semester and $900 for the summer. Meal plans also include a Knight Kash option. Knight Kash is a debit account that Is convieniently loaded onto your student ID card. It can be used anywhere on-campus for meals, as well as at many local merchants surrounding our buildings for those times you can’t make it to the dining hall.

Our current meal plan options are:

Meal Plan Type # Meals/Week Knight Cash Amount
Platinum 19 $100.00 / semester
Gold 14 $250.00 / semester
Silver 10 $350.00 / semester

Please note that it is mandatory to have a meal plan when living in one of the following buildings:

We understand that a student’s first year away from the comforts of home can be especially stressful. In addition to the professional and student staff we have working in each hall, we also have staffed 24 hr security guards or campus hosts to ensure the safety of our students as they transition into college living.

Campus Safety Department

Parking is not available for any students on campus. Students are advised to not bring a car to AAU. San Francisco offers multiple types of public transportation that are more than adequate in serving the patrons of the city. Car shares are also available throughout the city for unique circumstances in which private transportation is necessary.

At this time we do not offer services for off-campus housing. Students are encouraged to utilize their own resources.