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Meeting Graduate Liberal Arts Requirements

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Graduate Liberal Arts

Meeting Graduate Liberal Arts Requirements

Graduate Liberal Arts Program Requirements can be met in the following ways:

  • Take the Academy course and earn a grade of C or higher
  • Transfer in a comparable course from a previous graduate institution
  • Waiver through demonstration of extensive undergraduate coursework in the subject area

Transfer of Coursework from a Previous Institution

Students who transfer in courses from a previous graduate school will be placed out of the corresponding Academy requirement and receive the appropriate unit credit for each course they transfer in. Please send your transcripts in early to allow for ample processing time. Transcripts received after the student’s first semester will not be reviewed for transfer credit.

The determination whether to give credit for previous studies is made by Academy of Art University. Credit is only transferred if Academy of Art University determines that courses taken at the previous institution are relevant to the student's studies and independent Final Thesis Project. Academy of Art University takes the following factors into consideration in making this determination:

  • The course description published in the other institution's materials
  • Number of credit hours awarded for the work done
  • The grade received in the course. Grades lower than a C will not be considered for transfer credit
  • The work generated by the student from the course

Students requesting to transfer credits must meet with an admissions representative within the first four weeks of their first semester to confirm the transfer of credits. The Articulation Office must receive all transcripts before the end of the student's first semester of enrollment. Upon enrollment of the first semester, concurrent enrollment at any other institution is not allowed. The Academy will not transfer additional credits from another institution upon completion of the transfer evaluation.

Maximum Transfer Credits

A maximum of six credits from graduate studies at other institutions may be transferred for credit toward a Master’s degree.

Waiving Graduate Liberal Arts Requirements

Students may waive Graduate Liberal Arts requirements if they have extensive undergraduate coursework in that subject area. Students who wish to transfer in or waive Graduate Liberal Arts requirements must provide their advisor with a copy of their transcripts, course descriptions for courses to be considered and a cover letter. All documents must be in English.

Graduate courses are more intensive and focused than undergraduate courses. Unless students have taken specialized upper-divisional (advanced) courses covering the same topics of the Graduate Liberal Arts course they wish to waive, they will not be allowed to waive the Graduate Liberal Arts requirement. i.e. Introductory survey courses do not qualify.

*Please note: Students who waive out of a Graduate Liberal Arts requirement must select a substitute Graduate Liberal Arts elective replacement.

Art Historical Awareness and Aesthetic Sensitivity: To waive this requirement, students must demonstrate specialized coursework in both Art History and Philosophy/Aesthetic theory.

Cross-Cultural Understanding: To waive this requirement, students must demonstrate specialized coursework in COMPARATIVE culture studies and theory.

Professional Practices: To waive this requirement, students must have a business-related undergraduate degree or extensive Professional experience in their major field and supporting evidence including resume and copy of Business Plan or Grant Proposal.

Graduate Liberal Arts Electives: Electives are not eligible for waiver but may be transferred in.


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