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Liberal Arts

Academy of Art University strives to nurture the entire artist, and the Liberal Arts program is an integral component in this process. We believe that a seeking mind, inspired by the world and able to innovate, will enhance our students' artistic passion and make them stronger professionals. The goal of the Liberal Arts program is to foster the minds of creative individuals.


Liberal Arts course offerings include Art History, Creative Writing, Business Practices and many others. See more.

About our Courses

At the core of our Liberal Arts program is a comprehensive curriculum of relevant general education courses designed to engage and inspire. Academy of Art University celebrates the artistic traditions of the past and encourages emerging artists to situate themselves in this cultural continuum. See more.


All degree programs include Liberal Arts requirements. Learn more.

Meeting the Liberal Arts Requirements

Liberal Arts Program Requirements can be met by taking an Academy of Art University course and earning a passing grade, transferring in a comparable course from a previous post-secondary institution, and for some requirements, waiving through a passing score on an Academy Placement Exam or through a passing score on AP, IB or SAT exam. Learn more.

Program Learning Outcomes

To learn more about the skills you will acquire in this program, view Undergraduate Liberal Arts Program Learning Outcomes.

Featured Faculty

Learn from top instructors in Liberal Arts who work to inspire you and develop your unique talents. Learn More.

Library & Academic Support

Academy of Art University offers many academic resources and educational support services. Learn More.
Academy of Art University - Liberal Arts
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