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School of Fine Art

BFA Program Learning Outcomes

Academy of Art University has a strong commitment to the fine arts, offering the most prestigious faculty and most impressive resources of any fine arts program in the nation. Our expansive fine arts curriculum gives students the opportunity to specialize in their areas of choice and to explore their interests in other mediums. The School of Fine Art offers non-figurative and figurative painting, drawing, printmaking, jewelry design, and several other curriculum options. There is also a separate sculpture center, with its own developed curriculum and designated faculty, which is one of the best sculpture facilities in the nation .

It is the objective of the School of Fine Art to provide students with the creative and technical skills needed to thrive in today’s art world. Students will leave with professional level portfolios of well-crafted artwork that provides them with a solid foundation for careers aligned with fine arts. Courses are taught by a faculty of established artists and consist of lectures, rigorous studio work, critiques, field trips and guest artists.

The Academy has four galleries that total more than 4000 sq. feet. All of these galleries are equipped with professional track lighting to illuminate work for the public. Other facilities include printmaking presses, silkscreen and book arts equipment. We have several large painting classrooms with professional lighting and easels. Our prop room contains hundreds of interesting items and fabrics for still life compositions. Each room has model stands to elevate and view different poses for students. Six days a week we offer workshops for students to practice their painting skills. We also utilize the entire Bay Area for our landscape, watercolor and figure drawing classes.

BFA graduates of the School of Fine Art will meet the following student performance criteria:

  • Visual Communication

    • (Painting & Printmaking) Produce a consistent body of work demonstrating proficiency in a breadth of fine art disciplines
    • (Sculpture) Demonstrate understanding of three-dimensional composition, crafting (technical skill) and applying underlying concept to the overall sculpted solution.
    • (Painting & Printmaking) Demonstrate basic skills in composition
    • (Sculpture) Demonstrate basic skills in 3D composition
    • (Painting & Printmaking) Demonstrate effective use of color theory
    • (Painting) Demonstrate effective use of proportion and gesture
    • (Painting) Demonstrate effective use of perspective
    • (Painting & Printmaking) Use value effectively when creating form
    • (Painting & Printmaking) Use appropriate style and techniques to effectively execute ideas
    • (Painting) Apply anatomical knowledge to accurately draw the human form
    • Demonstrate craftsmanship and fine attention to detail
    • (Sculpture) Develop ideas (concept) that supports the overall composition (or construction) of a sculptural form.
    • (Sculpture) Devote attention to transitions and effectively solve transition problems
    • (Sculpture) Present and light work in gallery-ready form, including designing effective mounting systems
  • Technical Execution

    • (Printmaking) Demonstrate technical proficiency in the six major components of printmaking (etching, lithography, silkscreen, monotype, relief and book arts)
    • (Printmaking) Demonstrate technical proficiency in editioning
    • (Sculpture) Execute sculptural solutions with media-specific technical proficiency
  • Concept Development and Critical Analysis

    • Explore and clearly articulate concepts and creative possibilities with a given topic or subject
    • Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of concept and execution of a given artwork
  • Professional Communication

    • Describe work effectively
  • Professional Readiness

    • Produce a professional-standard portfolio of well-crafted artwork demonstrating coherence and personal vision

Academy of Art University Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the Academy of Art University will demonstrate the ability to:

  1. Produce a body of work suitable for seeking professional opportunities in their chosen field of art and design.
  2. Solve creative problems within their field of art and design, including research and synthesis of technical, aesthetic, and conceptual knowledge.
  3. Communicate their ideas professionally and connect with their intended audience using visual, oral, and written presentation skills relevant to their field.
  4. Execute technical, aesthetic, and conceptual decisions based on an understanding of art and design principles.
  5. Evaluate work in their field, including their own work, using professional terminology.
  6. Recognize the influence of major cultural and aesthetic trends, both historical and contemporary, on art and design products.
  7. Learn the professional skills and behaviors necessary to compete in the global marketplace for art and design.
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