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School of Fine Art

AA FA - Printmaking

First Year - 30.0 Units

First Semester 12.0 Units

  • FND_110: Analysis of Form
  • ILL_133: Digital Media 1: Photography & Imaging
  • FND_112: Figure Drawing
  • FND_131: Figure Modeling

Second Semester 18.0 Units

  • FND_125: Color and Design
  • FA_110: Still Life Painting 1
  • FA_145: Printmaking
  • LA_108: Composition for the Artist
    [Liberal Arts: Written Communications requirement]
  • FA_241: Book Arts 1
    [Major] *To be taken in Summer.
  • ***_***:
    [Liberal Arts By Advisement Course] *To be taken in Summer.

Second Year - 36.0 Units

Third Semester 15.0 Units

  • FA_213: Introduction to Anatomy
  • ILL_140: Introduction to Painting: Figure
  • FA_143: Silkscreen 1
  • LA_291: Designing Careers
    [Liberal Arts: Employment Communications & Practices requirement]
  • LA_120: Art History through the 15th Century
    [Liberal Arts: Art Historical Awareness requirement]

Fourth Semester 21.0 Units

  • FA_144: Etching 1/Intaglio
  • FA_142: Lithography 1
  • FA_224: Composition & Painting
  • (LA_202: English Composition: Creative Persuasion & Argument, OR LA_280: Perspective Journalism)
    [Liberal Arts: Written Communications requirement] [Liberal Arts: Written Communications requirement]
  • FA_347: Relief Printing
  • FA_255: Letterpress
    [Major] *To be taken in Summer.
  • LA_121: Art History through the 19th Century
    [Liberal Arts: Art Historical Awareness requirement] *To be taken in Summer.