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School of Multimedia Communications

MA Program Learning Outcomes

The School of Multimedia Communications provides advanced study of the media industry. Through the program, graduate students will refine and focus their individual vision for media performance and production. Solid reporting, writing, researching, interviewing, hosting, budgeting, producing and pitching skills are emphasized and reinforced throughout the program. Graduates will enter the field with a branded identity, professional website and resume reel demonstrating practical skills in on-camera performance, production and postproduction.

MA graduates of the School of Multimedia Communications will meet the following student performance criteria:

  • Production Skills

    • Produce broadcast-ready video content that adheres to professional standards
    • Use and create interactive content and web designs to promote and enhance media projects
    • Depending on the student's specialization: ability to present oneself on camera professionally in various kinds of scripted, live, and impromptu settings in the studio and on location; or, the ability to direct on camera talent in the studio and on location.
  • Conceptual Thinking

    • Identify, research, and evaluate relevant information as appropriate to chosen media specialty.
    • Apply creative business and technological solutions for formatting, distributing, and marketing content across all major media platforms
    • Apply creative business strategies in the presentation and promotion of projects.
    • Discuss, analyze, and forecast media trends, and use data and information to support media forecasts.
  • Written and Oral Communication

    • Develop scripts, features, articles and other written content for in-depth and continuous coverage of a media specialty.
    • Demonstrate mastery of various types of interview techniques appropriate to a target audience or media genre.
    • Develop sophisticated concepts for a media project and to professionally pitch these ideas.
  • Visual Communication

    • Rapidly visualize story ideas in the pre-production stage, for individual projects and larger-scale projects or series.
    • Apply advanced design principles to various types of video, print, and interactive media.
  • Professional Readiness

    • Present a professional reel to acquire a job within a media industry.
    • Meet deadlines and submit work according to professional presentation standards.

Academy of Art University Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the Academy of Art University will demonstrate the ability to:

  1. Produce a body of work suitable for seeking professional opportunities in their chosen field of art and design.
  2. Solve creative problems within their field of art and design, including research and synthesis of technical, aesthetic, and conceptual knowledge.
  3. Communicate their ideas professionally and connect with their intended audience using visual, oral, and written presentation skills relevant to their field.
  4. Execute technical, aesthetic, and conceptual decisions based on an understanding of art and design principles.
  5. Evaluate work in their field, including their own work, using professional terminology.
  6. Recognize the influence of major cultural and aesthetic trends, both historical and contemporary, on art and design products.
  7. Learn the professional skills and behaviors necessary to compete in the global marketplace for art and design.
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