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24-Hour Comics Day Rousing Success

At its peak, more than 40 Academy of Art University students were cranking out comic pages for the 24 Hour Comics Day event hosted by the Academy of Art University School of Illustration. Twenty-five illustration students rose to the challenge of creating 24 consecutive comic book pages in 24 consecutive hours.

“We had an amazing turnout for our first year hosting the event. I couldn’t be more proud and excited for having been a part of what these students accomplished,” said Academy of Art University Instructor Daniel Cooney. “The atmosphere was electric with creativity and enthusiasm for what I’m sure is going to be an even bigger event next year.”

An energetic creativity marathon, 24 Hour Comics Day is the ideal setting for passionate illustration students to devote their talents to crafting innovative comic books in the span of just one day. Academy of Art University students produced work simultaneously with comic enthusiasts of all skill levels at sites across the United States, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, the Netherlands, Portugal, and Switzerland.  Complete copies of all comic books produced at 24 Hour Comics Day events worldwide will be housed at the Ohio State University Library in Columbus, OH and posted on the event's website.

Students were inspired by the pace and energy of the event. Mars Elliot “welcomed the chance to plow past any timidity or mental blocks” and “escape to an evening of experimentation of style and form, free of pressure or expectation.”

Others used the opportunity to experience the pressure of real world deadlines in an academic setting. And all students enjoyed the experience saying that they look forward to taking part in it again next year.

“It was a total blast! Our school should host this event every year,” said Mutia Terian. “The creative atmosphere really kept all of us motivated, especially when everyone cheered for anyone who finished their page and put it up on the wall.”

ComicsPRO, the comic book retailer trade organization, recently assumed the organizational reins for 24 Hour Comics Day with the enthusiastic endorsement of the event's founder, Nat Gertler, publisher of About Comics. Over the years, the 24 hour comic book challenge has thwarted and rewarded such comics luminaries as Kevin Eastman, Neil Gaiman, Scott McCloud, Dave Sim, and many others.  Since the first 24 Hour Comics Day on April 24, 2004, the event has brought together legions of participants from all over the world.

Academy of Art University would like to extend a special thanks to Bawls Energy Drink for providing refreshment and Blick Art Materials and Canson for providing drawing materials at the 24 Hour Comics Day AAU site. In addition, Blick Art Materials had a mini store with all necessary supplies available for 24 Hour Comics Day Academy of Art University participants.



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