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Academy Alum Chung-Tao Tu at the Forefront of Design

Growing up, Chung-Tao Tu’s father encouraged him to travel and experience different cultures and inspired him to pursue a career in creative design. After receiving a BFA in Graphic Design and an MFA in Computer Arts: New Media, Chung-Tao has had a very successful career as a designer at Wallace Church Inc. in New York City.
Though he was accepted by many schools, Chung-Tao decided to pursue a degree at Academy of Art University because of its professional curriculum and spectacular career resources.

“I met the talented and best of the best from all over the world,” he recalled.

He had heard about the Academy through a friend’s recommendation. Hearing great things about the school from a former student sold him.

“Believe it or not, it worked much better than an ad!” he said.

When asked to pick a favorite instructor, Chung-Tao could not choose just one – they all had an influence on him. This is why he chose to return to the Academy to pursue his MFA.

“Every instructor did their best,” he said. “That’s what made us a dream team.”

Chung-Tao actually found his job through an Academy of Art University colleague. At Wallace Church, Inc., Chung-Tao is working on brand identity and package design. When the company’s website goes through a redesign, he might have a hand at doing some web design, as well.

Chung-Tao’s success comes from working hard and staying focused and learning from his classmates and instructors.

“Never forget where you came from and what you are here for.”

UPDATE: Two of Chung-Tao's designs won awards at  Graphis Design Annual 2009. Representing Wallace Church, Inc., he took home a Gold and Platinum award.


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