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Academy Graduate Mona T. Brooks Appointed Lead Photographer for San Francisco District Attorney Kamala Harris

In the August issue of the San Francisco magazine article titled “Why Kamala Matters,” Academy of Art University graduate Mona T. Brooks was brought on board as the lead photographer capturing District Attorney Kamala Harris’ magnetic personality.  
Before delving into the article, which closely examines DA Harris’ industrious lifestyle as San Francisco’s district attorney, the glossy photos spread throughout the piece immediately reveal the DA’s powerful persona and take-charge attitude. 

Asked to take part in the project, Brooks agreed without hesitation.  This prestigious assignment would indubitably contribute to the Academy of Art University graduate’s portfolio – and her long-term goal of becoming the official photographer for the first woman president.

“In many of her photos I try to capture the essence of why she is the district attorney, why she’s good at her job and why she gets what she wants,” says Brooks.

Having a sound history as a contributing photographer for San Francisco magazine, along with being DA Harris’ official photographer for her re-election campaign, the choice was evident as to who should be lead photographer for “ Why Kamala Matters.”

“There was mention of doing a piece on Kamala Harris at the San Francisco magazine holiday party.  Since I was the only non-staff member invited to the party and already her re-election campaign photographer, I told staff member Bruce Kelly about my work and submitted my photos to him.  He really liked them and that’s how I was chosen to do this article with Nina Martin, the author of the article.”

“The first time I photographed DA Harris I was definitely nervous, however since then I have photographed the Fire Chief and other women and have become very comfortable with women in powerful positions.”
Brooks was already a working professional when she decided to part ways with the corporate world and enter the Academy of Art University.  Having worked in sales and marketing for several years, her creative side remained dormant, leaving Brooks feeling restless.  She left her job and signed up to be a full-time photography student at the Academy of Art University.
Putting her previous work experience to good use, she was able to market and network her way into being in high demand. She advertised her availability and willingness to do free projects from the start. Recently graduating in May 2007, she has already acquired a roster full of high-profile projects.
Mona T. Brooks also recently completed a book for the YearlyKos Convention titled unConventional, YearlyKos: Citizens, Focus and Action.


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