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Academy Students, Alumni, and Faculty attend ComicCon 2006

The Academy of Art University once again proved itself to be one of the major hubs of the comic book and animation industries at ComicCon 2006 in San Diego. ComicCon is an annual event that attracts the top artists in the industry, who go there to participate in and view exhibits related to comic books, science fiction, fantasy, animation, video games, and film. It is the largest convention of its kind in the United States, taking place over four days and drawing over 100,000 participants each year.

AAU Comicon 2006 Booth
Gordon Silveria, AAU faculty member, with Moe McGee, MFA Illustration Alum

Many of the participants at ComicCon 2006 were part of the Academy of Art University community. Thousands of Academy alumni, students, and faculty attend ComicCon every year to sell their own wares, participate in portfolio review sessions with top companies, preview upcoming products, and to learn about all the latest industry trends. Among the many Academy-related participants at ComicCon 2006 were: Maureen “Mo” McGee, MFA graduate, who was there to close a deal on her new book due out in 2007; Gordon Silveria, Academy faculty member, well-known artist, and celebrated children's book illustrator, who was there to run the AAU exhibition booth; Dan Cooney, Academy faculty member, comic book artist, and writer, who was there to run his own booth; and Matt Mosssman, BFA graduate, at the booth for Emily the Strange where he works as a story artist. Countless other successful alumni, professional faculty, and students were in attendance to take advantage of the educational and business opportunities that ComicCon offers.

Emily the Strange booth at Comicon 2006
Matt Mossman, BFA Illustration Alum, working for the Art Department at Emily the Strange

The Academy is well known for its unique and successful approach to training emerging artists. The Academy’s large presence at ComicCon is just one example of how the Academy supports participation in professional events as an essential part of an art and design education.

Valentine booth at Comicon 2006
Dan Cooney, AAU faculty member, at his own booth. Sales were well above his expectations.


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