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Academy Students Win Big at InteriorMotives Design Awards

Top: Tzu-han Chou's design. Click here to view a PDF of Tzu-han's work.
Bottom: Ryan Campbell's design. Click here to view a PDF of Ryan's work.

The InteriorMotives Design Awards were held in September, in Frankfurt, Germany. The awards are held yearly, and the competition for the awards is quite fierce. In fact, according to interiormotives, "This event has truly become the only global design night of the year." However, that didn't stop Academy of Art University students Tzu-han Chou and Ryan Campbell from running away with awards in this prestigious event!

Tsu-han Chao In the Spring of 2005, Ryan and Tzu-han ("Hans") were students in Transportation Design 4, one of the toughest classes offered by the Academy's Interior Design department. That class and many others provided Ryan and Hans with the tools necessary to draft truly excellent conceptual designs. This fact was not lost on interiormotives. They awarded Ryan first prize for Best Conceptual Interior, and Hans took home first prize for Best Production Interior. While Ryan was unable to attend the event due to his commitment to his internship at Nissan Japan, Hans took time off from his internship at Audi to fly to Frankfurt to participate.

The magazine interiormotives is the only publication dedicated to automotive interior design. It is based in the United Kingdom. Interiormotives describes their awards as follows:

"Now in its third year, the awards ceremony is a regular fixture, inked into schedules as a chance to meet and make acquaintances. Each year, interiormotives proposes a range of design briefs to leading universities, giving their young talent the opportunity to have their work viewed by leading designers and win up to $5000."

"Supported by several prominent automotive industry suppliers, it also gives an opportunity to see who is up-and-coming, providing an arena for visions from many different countries to be directly compared. This year, there were 300 entries from more than 40 countries and 51 different design schools, who submitted their work for any of the eight categories. Judges included Olivier Boulay of Mercedes-Benz Advanced Design, Tokyo, and Patrick Le Quement, Head of Design at Renault, Paris."

The nice folks at interiormotives described Hans's proposal as "akin to a next generation Mercedes-Benz A-Class, with a diving swage and interesting proportions that brings the tip of the side glass above the front axle, using this extra glass to enlighten the interior." We describe both Hans's and Ryan's projects as proof of the excellence of the Academy's Interior Design program, and eagerly await their inevitable next big awards!


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