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Ad Alum Directs for J. Walter Thompson

2004 Clio winner and School of Advertising alum Juju Lee is hard at work as an art director but took a few minutes to check in and shared with us what made her work stand out.

I'm working as an art director at J. Walter Thompson. I found the job through an event called "one show portfolio review" which One Club throws every year for students to present their work to the creative directors. I got a call from Cliff Freeman first where I interned for 3 months.

At Cliff Freeman I worked on Snapple and DSW. During the internship at Cliff Freeman, I got a call from the J. Walter Thompson recruiter. Currently I'm working on DeBeers (which now changed its name to DTC), Lipton Tea, Rolex, Kimberly Clark. The fun part of this job is as a creative, we get to fly to other countries frequently for shootings.

What I learned through the internships and searching jobs is that every agency has it’s own styles and voices. It'd be ideal if one could find that suits her/his style.

What helped me get an internship and this job was my portfolio. I was able to put a strong portfolio together because of the wonderful instructors I had at Academy who were working in the industry. What I learned the most from Academy was the ability to concept. I think conception is the key in advertising.


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