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"Aliens Took My Girl" to WonderCon

The motion comic “Aliens Took My Girl” co-directed by School of Animation students Jesus Villarreal and Chris Rieser made its debut at WonderCon, held at the Anaheim Convention Center this year.
WonderCon is an annual comic book, science fiction and motion picture convention and “is a great place to be if you are a fan of illustration, or really any major, and you can get to know people in the industry because you can actually go and meet your heroes right then and there,” said Chris.
Both Academy Animation students who co-directed the motion comic met some great connections at the event and were interviewed by the Geek Show host. Henry “The Voice” is the host and the main brain of the Geek Speak Show and interviewed the pair at WonderCon, giving them a half an hour block on his podcast. Although several other journalists interviewed them, Henry “was one of the biggest supporters that we had and the best part is that he is local,” said Jesus.
Aliens took my Girlfriend
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It makes perfect sense that “Aliens Took My Girl” generated such a vast amount of interest. This 1950s sci-fi throw-back has tons of cute ‘geeky’ Easter Eggs and style that fans will love. The story begins with Oliver inheriting an alien artifact that he shows to his crush. Not realizing that giving her this object could jeopardize her safety, she is unfortunately abducted by aliens who are hunting down this relic. It is now up to Oliver, his uncle Leon and Academy of Art’s School of Animation team to save the girl and possibly the universe along the way.
Aliens took my Girlfriend
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“Aliens Took My Girl” is a motion comic, an up-and-coming form of visual media combining elements of print comic books and animation. “Motion comics are not any less quality than full animation; it’s just its own media. Because it is still a virgin media, it catches the eye of the audience,” said Chris.
“This project was extremely collaborative with different majors represented. We even spear-headed our own class and workshops to get the project completed,” said Jesus. With a love for comic books, Saturday morning cartoon nostalgia, an interest in sci-fi pop culture and sci-fi cult classic movies, this team was sure to come up with the perfect brew for this motion comic.
The School of Animation students were fortunate to have the help and support they needed from Academy of Art University instructors Shaun Featherstone and Chris Armstrong. “We had the support of Shaun Featherstone every step of the way to help us out when we got stuck. Plus having Chris Armstrong representing us to the Administration so we could have a class happen and have everything we need. We are living the artists’ dream and are still in school. At the Academy you are not just doing classwork, you are completing an actual product and it’s a great way to get your foot in the door,” said Jesus.
Chris and Jesus encourage current Academy of Art students, that if you want to do something, you should not be afraid to ask. But you have to remember that you might receive your request and will have to prove yourself, but do not be afraid to try. “You know, the build it and they will come sort of thing. It is exactly that,” said Jesus.


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