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Alumna Vidya Nayak Works on New Cutting-Edge Website

She already had the technical skills, but Vidya Nayak wanted to sharpen her creative side – which is why she decided to pursue a degree at Academy of Art University. Vidya has worked on some of the hottest websites including FoxNews Online, MensHealth Online and the brand new Hulu website.

Vidya received an undergraduate degree in business and another degree in marketing while she was living in her home country of India. She decided to come to San Francisco, CA to study at Academy of Art University’s School of Computer Arts New Media to expand her skills in a new direction. The comprehensive design curriculum was exactly what Vidya was looking for.

                               Photoshop Tennis/ Graphic Design - Motion Graphics

In Vidya’s opinion, the MFA program at the School of Computer Arts New Media offers a full package: print, web and broadcast.

“I enjoyed my two years because I got to experiment a lot with all three avenues – especially the web,” she recalled.

She greatly benefited from the faculty, who all worked in the industry. She found that they were very approachable, yet knowledgeable and always willing to give extra feedback. She found a mentor in Lourdes Livingston, the director of the program.

Vidya is currently working for FoxNews Online as well as Fox Business. She was recently asked to work on Hulu, a joint venture between NewsCorp, the company that owns Fox, and NBC Universal. Hulu is a free online video service that offers TV show, movies and other clips legally from the top networks. The flash-based interface is extremely user-friendly and the streaming videos are high quality.

“I think it’s a very amazing interface,” she said. “It is easy to use and is intriguing for the users.”

Vidya worked on the network and page promos focusing on Fox News and worked on a page for Bill O’Reilly’s Talking Points segment on Hulu. Simultaneously, she’s been working on the redesign of the FoxBusiness site as well as a redesign of the FoxNews Politics section for the 2008 Election.

                                     " Light" - Graphic Design poster

Before she started working for Fox, Vidya worked for the publishing company Rodale after graduation. She worked on the restructuring of WomensHealth Online and redesigned Bicycling ONline, MensHealth Online, and Prevention Online.  

On top of everything Vidya does at her busy job, she also teaches an Academy of Art University online class. She is currently working with Lourdes Livingston to rebuild a class that teaches balancing creativity and profitability.

“The web is changing so fast so I try to keep up with a lot of reading for the class,” she said. “The class gives me the opportunity to be up to date with technology.”

As both an instructor and alumni of Academy of Art University, she believes that the Computer Arts New Media program requires equal amounts of effort and dedication. She advises students to take advantage of the faculty’s breadth of knowledge.

“If you have the drive to be successful, I think the school gives you all the tools to implement it.”


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