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Alumna Yuke Sasmitra Passes on Her Knowledge to the Future Generation of Artists

Multimedia and digital technology, especially the increasing quality of graphic interface, has always fascinated Yuke Sasmitra. The Indonesia native later developed an interest in technology that uses new media for educational purposes. After graduating, Yuke fulfilled her dream and is now working at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in Singapore as a fulltime lecturer at the Department of Design and Media.

She decided to come to Academy of Art University’s School of Computer Arts: New Media for a number of reasons. Most significantly, it was one of the few art and design institutions that offered an MFA program in the computer arts field.

“The combination of the curriculum, the facilities and the Bay Area cultures added appeal,” she recalled.

Yuke remembers her time at Academy of Art University as challenging, but definitely worth all the work. Now that she’s a lecturer herself, she appreciates her instructors’ dedication to provide the maximum learning experience. Additionally she remembers fondly the top-of-the-line design tools the students had at their fingertips as well as the remarkable resources the Academy provided.

“I highly value the opportunities to listen to many of the industrial talks/seminars by the invited professionals,” she said.

It is hard for Yuke to name just one instructor who influenced her work and experience at Academy of Art University. There were many teachers who impacted her in various phases of her education.

“They projected a sense of caring for their students’ learning in different ways to make sure their students are on the right track to progress,” she stated.

Yuke believes that the Academy fully prepared her for her role as an art and design instructor in higher education. For example, the art history courses broadened her visual vocabulary, while the business courses taught her valuable skills, such as project management and business contracts, and the writing and presentation centers helped her with communication.

“As a lecturer, I teach and learn at the same time, trying my best to translate and pass on my knowledge while building up and adding on to my pedagogical practice in multimedia design.”


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