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Academy of Art University Alumnus Shapes Future Animation Talent in Korea

Attending the Academy of Art University was a life changing experience for international alumnus Chul Young Choi. Now he’s guiding students down their own paths to creative success as an animation professor.

While attending the Academy of Art University’s School of Animation and Visual Effects, Chul took a much sought after animation course taught by Pixar animators. Pixar’s most recent films include Wall E, Ratatouille and Cars. The instructors’ passions for animation fueled Chul’s desire to flourish in the field.

In 2005, he completed the first step in his dream, graduating from the Academy of Art University with an MFA in Animation and Visual Effects.

“Four years at the Academy went by so fast. I still miss my time spent there. It was a pivotal time in my life,” said Chul. 

Choosing the Academy for its top animation school status, Chul said he wished to study and gain practical knowledge. This knowledge would serve him well. After graduation, Chul spent three years as a lead animator.

Taking a que from the crucial animation course he took at the Academy and the encouragement he received from his Academy instructors, Chul now spends his time igniting the animation passions of students in Korea as animation professor at Dong Seo University.

Students from all over the world flock to the Academy of Art University for the very same reason as Chul did, to receive the best professional art education available. Located in San Francisco, international students like Chul can experience a plethora of cultures while feeling at home. Chul encourages Academy students to take advantage of the diverse student population.

“Experiencing various cultures is a real asset, and you may have the opportunity to work internationally,” he said.

Chul ultimately credits the Academy of Art University and its instructors for helping him achieve his animation dreams and coming full circle to spread those dreams with future animators.

“I am who I am now because of the professional knowledge and skills I received from the Academy of Art University Animation and Visual Effects department,” said Chul.


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