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Anthony Kurtz Blends New Media and Photography Skills to Win Big at PX3 Awards

It only took Anthony Kurtz one hour of a college Psychology class to decide to buck the sciences in favor of the arts.  The decision led him to earn a degree in Computer Arts and New Media and to pursue his passion in documentary photography.  His hard work paid off when he scored not just one, but three awards from the PX3 photo competition in France.

The awards, for his photo series India: The Beautiful Struggle of Life, included first place in the People category for non-professional fine art.  Vibrant faces and colorful backdrops are painted in rich hues throughout the photos, which document elements of life in India not often portrayed in the media.

The photo series was the culmination of a two-month odyssey, where Anthony traveled extensively through India, capturing the myriad faces and settings of this complex society.  When talking about his inspiration for the series, Anthony explained that his interpretation of beauty differs from most Western standards.  “I find beauty in wrinkled skin, stormy skies and decaying walls,” he said.  

Although he didn’t plan it, most of the subjects in his India series were “Dalits” or “ Untouchables”.  He said he was naturally drawn to their beauty and their surroundings.

“I believe the human condition contains a lot of beauty and people who struggle have a certain wisdom, an endurance mixed with anger and hope, and there is something beautiful about it,” said Anthony.

Early in his career at Academy of Art University, he decided to pursue a degree in Computer Arts and New Media.  The decision would allow him creative freedom and enable him to make a decent living.  The interactive media and portfolio building skills he learned in the new media program at the Academy have enhanced his photography, as well.

“I often meet photographers who are unable to embed an image into an email or edit a video, let alone design their own promotional material,” he said.  

He was surprised that when he arrived at the PX3 show in Paris, he was the only photographer with a portfolio and postcards to promote his work.  “I have to thank my new media department for that,” he said.  

Born in Switzerland, Anthony was impressed with the collaborative classroom environment at the Academy, which was different from the “teacher as authority figure” model to which he was accustomed.  “When I started at the Academy, I really felt a sense of belonging, because were given the freedom to interact not only with other classmates, but also with the teachers.”& #160;

 Spectacular in their raw intensity and stark imagery, his photos explore such themes as nature, the world of today, and the world of tomorrow.  Having already nabbed awards in numerous competitions, he’s off soon to China and Detroit to continue his passion for the photograph.


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