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Colors Magazine and Academy of Art University Celebrate Art, Creativity and Diversity

Academy of Art University is partnering with Fabrica for an art exhibition, lecture and student scholarship opportunity. The Academy welcomed Enrico Bossan and Erik Ravelo, the editorial and creative directors of European publication Colors magazine and Babak Payami, the acclaimed film director at Fabrica, to present on the leading design magazine’s latest issue, “Money.”


Academy of Art University’s 79 Gallery is hosting a photography exhibition featuring Colors 73/Money and an art installation of a giant podium made of flattened issues of Colors, where the magazine cover is a 100-dollar bill. The exhibit questions the role of money and the relationship society has with it. On the opening night, guests were treated to a lecture about the global economy and the latest issue of Colors from Enrico Bossan, Erik Ravelo and Babak Payami.

Media invited to the event included the New York Times, Communication Arts, Print magazine, Taxi Design Network and zoomin.com to cover the groundbreaking partnership between the award-winning magazine and top design school.  By collaborating with an international communication and design center, Academy of Art University extends its commitment to providing a global curriculum for its students.

Enrico Bossan, Erik Ravelo and Babak Payami held portfolio reviews of Academy of Art University students who are interested in joining Fabrica’s creative team in Italy. Candidates chosen by the selection committee will be offered a one-year, full scholarship to live and study in Treviso, Italy and work with the creative team of Fabrica.


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