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Ethan Yih-Hong Chiang Furthers Career With Degree from Academy of Art University

Ethan Yih-Hong Chiang wanted to dive right into emerging new technologies but felt that he did not have enough skills in his first job as a junior web designer in Taiwan. He decided to further his knowledge in new media by pursuing an MFA degree in Computer Arts New Media at Academy of Art University. Ethan is currently working at Yahoo! Taiwan as an Associate Design Manager.

The city of San Francisco, with its galleries, museums and inspiring vistas, was a big draw for Ethan. It also did not hurt that Academy of Art University has one of the best Computer Arts: New Media programs in the nation. At the Academy, Ethan found a welcoming international community of artists and designers.

“I really enjoyed getting along with students from all around the world, not only in my class, but also from other majors, such as graphic design, 3D animation and I did learn a lot from them,” he recalled.
He was also impressed by the breadth of knowledge and experience the Computer Arts: New Media instructors possessed. The fact that they all worked with the industry helped him to better understand the job market in the United States. Lourdes Livingston, Director of the program, particularly inspired him.

“The most important thing I learned from her was how a designer and creative person should stay humble and keep learning from all kinds of people and environments,” he said.

In his role as an Associate Design Manager at Yahoo! Taiwan, Ethan supports all different kinds of creative-related requests from external clients and internal teams. He helps them clarify marketing and communication strategies and then spices up the campaign by integrating visual design.

Ethan is constantly searching for inspiration in everything from the mundane to the magical and he advises other art students to do the same.

“Just keep your mind open and learn.”


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