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Academy of Art University Expresses Gratitude Toward San Francisco’s Police and Fire Departments

Academy of Art University holds the safety and wellbeing of its students in high regard and is most grateful for the hard work the San Francisco Police and Fire Departments endure to keep San Francisco a safe and exceptional place to learn. As a gesture of appreciation for their sacrifice and commitment to the San Francisco community, the Academy of Art University awards scholarships annually to family members of SFPD and SFFD officials.

The Academy of Art University's scholarship program, founded over forty years ago, has helped more than 45,000 aspiring artists and designers pursue their educational goals in art and design. The Academy is deeply devoted to giving back people who make a difference, especially those in the San Francisco community.

2007 SFPD and SFFD Scholarship Recipients

Recently, the Academy held a festive banquet with food and drinks for the San Francisco Police Department & Fire Department, where the scholarships were awarded to the deserving recipients. San Francisco Police Department Chief Heather Fong, Commander Sylvia Harper and San Francisco Police Officers Association Vice President Kevin Martin were in attendance.

Commander Sylvia Harper, President Elisa Stephens and Chief Heather Fong

“It is our way of saying thank you to the community and helping these talented individuals see their dreams come to life,” stated President Elisa Stephens.

Julia Selchau, a four-year BFA scholarship recipient, found out about the Academy’s program from her father, who is an arson investigator with the SFFD. She said she was “amazed” when she heard that she won. Julia, who graduated from high school this past spring, has already begun taking classes this summer, excited to be working toward a degree in Illustration.

“I like getting to take classes and being able to study exactly what I want,” she said.

The Academy is dedicated to helping students pursue their dreams through scholarships, summer programs and outreach to the community.


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