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Fashion Show Catches Eyes with Jewelry Spectacular

The Academy of Art University's 13th annual Spring Fashion Show has made quite a statement.

2009 AAU Fashion Show RunwayFeatured in the Living section of the June 1 San Francisco Chronicle, the show was especially "original" and "jaw-dropping" when it came to showcasing its jewelry.

This year, fashion and sculpture students collaborated to produce work that, according to the Chronicle, was "a highly dramatic and visually satisfying ending, like chocolate decadence cake dusted with gold leaf."

The praise didn't end there. Dao Thabthimkoson's piece, a green, yellow and white tulle coat, evoked Golden Age Hollywood starlets and was described by the paper with "Two words, one oxymoron: sensuously fierce."

The greatest acclaim came for designer Vartika Vikram, whose M.C. Escher-inspired dress was "a true head-turner," and whose colorful, metallic jewelry was "explosive, like shimmering leaves unfurling at daybreak."

Other highlights include "Lady of the Lake" from designer Jennifer Dickert, a gray gown that featured jewelry from sculptor Janet Rim. The gown was "emotive and mysterious" according to the paper, while Jennifer described Janet's jewelry as "growing and living" from the gown itself.

Designer Virgil Sparks was the final student featured in the article, whose dress was inspired by the sculptures of Elliot Gaskin. Elliot described the final product as both "mechanical and organic," demonstrated by the combination of deer antler slices and pulleys and cage forms.

Next year's fashion show will have a real challenge in outshining the works on display this year. One thing is certain, though: with creative designs such as these, this year's star designers will have a bright future in fashion.


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