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Fast Lane to Success – Academy Student Jennifer Richter Hails Attention

Who ever thought pictures of a highway overpass could be so fascinating? After seeing Academy of Art University student Jennifer Richter’s work, we were captivated, and so were the companies looking to hire at the biannual 2007 Photo Lucida conference.

While chatting with this brilliant photographer about her experience at the event in Portland, we asked her how she kicked it into overdrive to get noticed amongst thousands of attendees.

“It was necessary for us to have our logo, promos [post cards], letterhead, resume and business cards ready to go before graduation and the faculty was always available to critique our work,” Jennifer explained. “I applied all of those things to my own portfolio, which proved to be tremendously helpful.”

A class in promotions and marketing offered by the Academy also taught her how to position her work in a way that would get noticed. In addition to the instruction, she said that her classmate Jannette Lentini helped her greatly by sharing insight and techniques.

Many photographers attend Photo Lucida year after year in hopes of getting noticed, however this newcomer struck it big her first time around.

“Although the event required a great deal of preparation on my end, it was totally worth it,” Jennifer said. “I received an offer to do a solo show at the University of Colorado at Boulder and interest from the San Diego Art Museum. You only get to meet with each potential company for about 10 minutes and they decide right then and there if they like you.”

As she travels down the highway to success, Jennifer has also received offers from The New Yorker, Lens Work magazine, and Nueva Luz magazine. She is employed by the Kemper Art Museum at Washington University and does freelance projects on the side. She currently resides in St. Louis and has been shooting photos since the age of six.


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