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Fine Art Grad Alan Chan Exhibits Liminality in His Solo Show

Fine Art Grad Alan ChanA solo exhibition by School of Fine Art graduate Alan Chan is being held at Fibre Arts Design in Palo Alto, CA, now through November 4, 2012. The 2005 Academy of Art University graduate said, “The artwork in this exhibition shows my contemporary landscape-based work and my take on abstraction.”  He is particularly interested in liminality – the transitions, thresholds or existence between two states. This is reflected in his use of color, his subject matter and his technique.
In this exhibition, he presents his landscapes, which focus on the juxtaposition between heaven and earth, sunset and sunrise and his abstract work, which utilizesmuted colors and loosely defined shapes to explore transitional space.
The abstracts are done with a limited palette with oil paint. The colors I chose are personal to me; I just like earthy muted tones. When I create them I am playing with color, space, composition and texture, constantly balancing them until I feel they are complete,” the Academy graduate said.
Alan says he lets intuition control his brush, but at the root of everything is also his classic training in traditional painting techniques and his love of Rembrandt, Turner and Courbet.
“I started my own business Anima Studio of Fine Arts almost 3 years ago in Palo Alto. This is where I create my artwork and teach students ranging from 6 years old and up,” said Alan.Fine Art Grad Alan Chan
He enjoys giving back to his community by instructing young and old artists alike. He feels that he is creating an environment in his studio similar to the experiences he received at the Academy. “Academy of Art University offered a place where like-minded individuals could meet. To me, the most valuable part of school was networking with other students. It’s like finding a good training buddy at the gym that pushes you to get stronger,” said Alan.
Alan credits School of Fine Art instructor Tomutsu Takishima for teaching him how to see art in his early foundation classes. “What I mean by ‘seeing art’ is simplifying the shapes and forms. In my opinion he's the best drawing and painting instructor at the school.”
Alan’s advice to current students is to “go to museums a lot. Study all the old masters, but be sure to learn technique first. Style will come naturally as you progress. Find a good training partner, preferably someone equal or better than you.”

Alan's exhibition is scheduled to run through November 4, 2012. The gallery spaces at Fibre Arts Design are open Tuesday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturdays and Sundays from noon to 4 p.m. Go to fibreartsdesign.com or Alan’s website http://www.alanchanfineart.com or www.artisanima.com for more information.



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