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Grad Student Adam Reeder Reinvents the Greek Sculpture

Adam Reeder, an MFA student in Fine Art Sculpture at Academy of Art University, is getting the attention of juries and art shows across the nation. Adam has gained a reputation as a unique and promising artist by displaying a rare combination of talents: technical mastery and beautiful execution matched with addictively clever concepts. 

In his latest series of sculptures, Adam has mastered the art of the unexpected by pairing classical Greek sculpture with modern technology. Adam sculpts mythological figures with some of the most iconic pieces of technology of the generation. One of his most successful pieces, Pan with his iPod, depicts the mythological faun with earbuds and iPod – listening, we presume, to the pipe music he once played.

Other pieces in the series display similar pairings. Sleeping Gamer is a figure modeled after the famous Greek sculpture The Sleeping Satyr, considered to be one of the most beautiful sculptures in classical art. Adam’s rendition is a rather romanticized notion of a gamer who has dozed off after hours of play. Another piece that Adam plans for the future will be entitled Discus Thrower – except instead of a discus, the modern day competitor will brandish a Guitar Hero guitar.

Some may wonder what’s next? Zeus with an iPhone? And the answer is yes – Adam plans on giving Zeus the  modern-day lightning power of Apple’s sleek phone.

There is something startling about seeing beautifully rendered sculptures paired with such familiar devices. transfixed by there gorgeous detail, straining to reconcile the beauty of the sculptural forms with the modern gadgets they carry.  They offer more than satire. Although the concept seems easy to understand at first, viewers become
Adam’s talent has art critics around the world taking notice – he was juried into the 29th Annual National Competition for Figurative Sculpture this past summer. In the competition, 13 finalists compete among the top fine artists across the country. Adam won first place for figurative sculpture at Academy of Art University's  2008 Spring Show. Among many other awards, he won first place at the UVSC Spring Show with his sculpture Footprints in the Sand in 2006. Adam has also already been exhibited in a one man show – something that takes most artists years to accomplish. 


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