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Academy of Art University Graduate Makes His Mark on the World of Interior Architecture & Design

To say that Omid Majidinejad is a dynamo is an understatement. Omid, a recent graduate of Academy of Art University’s MFA Interior Architecture & Design program, keeps busy with his full-time work at ON24, position as an Academy instructor, and multiple freelance projects.

Work by Interior Architecture & Design Graduate – Omid Majidinejad

Coming from a successful career in industrial and furniture design in Iran, Omid decided to pursue a graduate degree in Interior Architecture & Design as he found himself working on more and more projects in that field. At Academy of Art University, he found a supportive environment where he can develop his talents.

Director of Interior Architecture & Design Francesca Garcia-Marques made a particular impression on him because of how actively she engages with students. “When Francesca came to the Academy, she really worked with the students who were close to graduation and working on their thesis projects,” said Omid. “She gave us all lots of good feedback.”

Through Academy of Art University instructor John Stephan Hoffpauir, Omid learned about an internship opportunity at ON24. Omid’s talent impressed the company, and he began as an intern there while still in school.

ON24 is a global leader in webcasting and web events, hosting virtual meetings and conferences for companies such as Cisco, Credit Suisse, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Motorola and Samsung. As an intern at the company, Omid designed the environments which hosted event participants from all over the world. 

Work by Interior Architecture & Design Graduate – Omid Majidinejad

Once Omid graduated, ON24 asked him to come back to work for them, having kept a full-time position open for him. As a designer, Omid first sketches his designs, which are shown to ON24’s clients. Once the design is approved, he creates a 3D model of the environment.

Because his designs do not need to be built in the physical world, there is potential to create impossible structures. However, event participants must be able to navigate in their virtual environment. Omid views this as a creative challenge in his work, to design new and innovative spaces that are easily understood.

Always keen to develop his abilities, Omid is passionate about the growth and opportunities he sees in his work in this position. “I love this job,” he said. “It will improve my computer design and hand-drawing skills.”

His impressive hand-drawing and sketching have already won him a position as an instructor in the School of Interior Architecture & Design for the Advanced Quick Sketch course. “I take it as a compliment from the school that they’ve offered me this position,” Omid said. In addition to gaining experience, he looks forward to staying connected to the future of the industry by working with his students.

Work by Interior Architecture & Design Graduate – Omid Majidinejad

Omid also continues to take on freelance projects despite his bustling schedule, working late into the evening each day. Recently, he completed work for prestigious architecture and design firm Rottet Studio. He is currently designing the interior and exterior of Atlanta restaurant Wing Zone.

With no intention of slowing down any time soon, Omid embraces new and exciting opportunities. “As long as I have the energy of my youth, I can use it,” he said. “And I want to use it now. This is my passion.”


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