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High School Artists Impress at Academy of Art University’s Summer Art Experience Final Show

In the midst of beaming parents, proud instructors, and awe-inspired younger siblings, Academy of Art University Pre-College students exhibited their work at the Summer Art Experience Final Show. Across two floors, innovative creations from 14 areas of art and design were featured, including comic book panels, paintings, fashion designs and product design sketches.

Previous Pre-College Students in Interior Architecture & Design

During the six-week Summer program, students stayed in campus housing and got a taste of college life. The final show was their chance to show friends and family the pieces they created in class.

Academy of Art University’s tuition-free Pre-College Art Experience is an opportunity to explore their passion for art and design. This unique program guides students to discover their creativity through Writing for Comics, Fashion Styling, Printmaking, Web Design and more.

Student Garman Ho was amazed at his improvement through the course of the intensive program. “At the beginning of my figure drawing class, a lot of my figures came out disproportionate,” Garman said. By the end of the class, he felt his drawing portrayed figures much more accurately.

For many students, Academy of Art University’s Art Experience program was an exciting, new opportunity to meet other young artists. “All of us come for the same reason, to improve our art,” said Garman. “So it’s really easy for all us to connect.”

Previous Pre-College Students in Photography

Throughout the show, hundreds of attendees viewed work by the high school artists. In darkened rooms, they watched work by Acting and Voice students. Other galleries displayed unique interior architecture scale models designed around circular and asymmetrical stairs, pushing the limits of the expected to create something fresh and new.

In the Multimedia Advertising class, students devised unique marketing ideas for Tesla Motors, the manufacturer of electric cars. Each student wrote a creative brief to outline their strategy. Students then designed non-traditional campaigns surrounding charging stations for Tesla cars. Among the ideas were coffee sleeves, outlet plates and energy drink booths with Tesla branding.

Kaylah Gamble, who traveled from the Los Angeles area to attend the program for the first time, was among the students in the Multimedia Advertising class. Kaylah seized the opportunity to explore new art forms. “I tried to take classes I didn’t necessarily have a lot of knowledge in,” she said. “You learn a lot!”

Previous Pre-College Students in Jewelry Making

As the event came to a close, work was slowly taken down. Instructors encouraged students to continue their dedication to their craft. While they walked out of the building, students made plans to keep in touch with all of the young artists and designers they met through the Pre-College Art Experience.

Congratulations to all the students involved in the Summer Art Experience Final Show! To learn more about Academy of Art University’s Pre-College Programs, click here.


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