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Instructor Jonathan Fung Praises Academy Film School in Movie Maker Online

In a recent interview with Movie Maker magazine online, School of Motion Pictures and Television instructor Jonathan Fung offered an illuminating look at what it’s like to attend film school at Academy of Art University and the advantages for filmmakers studying in the heart of San Francisco.

Like all Academy of Art University instructors, Fung is a seasoned film and television professional. In addition to writing and directing his own films, his commercials have been aired on MTV, E! and FX. It’s a diverse background that the University’s film school embraces.

“Academy of Art University has a dedicated faculty of working professionals from Hollywood to independent filmmakers from the Bay Area,” he said in the interview. “We don’t boast, but embrace the diversity of our esteemed instructors committed to provide excellent mentorship to our students.”

One of the top film schools in the nation, Academy of Art University concentrates on acting, film direction, cinematography, film production and screenwriting for a complete film school experience. When asked how this dynamic program differs from shorter-term film schools, Fung pointed to the complete immersion in the filmmaking process that Academy of Art University students experience, not to mention the industry relationships cemented during their time spent at the University.

“It takes time to learn the process of making a movie. Networking and building lasting relationships is a major component to a successful project,” he said. “Consistent repetition and application of skills in the classroom and on set is necessary. We have students that have left the program after two years to work in the industry and came back to complete their education and gain advanced skills. They were not competitive after studying only two years.”

Fung also pointed out Academy of Art University’s ideal San Francisco location for filmmakers. Not only has the city been immortalized in some of America’s greatest films, including Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo starring Jimmy Stewart, cult classic Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Dirty Harry starring Clint Eastwood and many more, the city is also home to some of the most innovative production companies and directors – Pixar, Dreamworks, George Lucas and Francis Ford Coppola.

“Our mission and focus is to prepare our students for a career in the film industry. We provide classes that teach the student how to pitch, create a demo reel, write a resume, network, etc. Also, guest speakers are invited to teach on topics that can develop the student’s business savvy – financing, development and distribution,” said Fung.

Academy of Art University’s School of Motion Pictures and Television prepares students to walk into these companies ready to work, to create the next film legends in San Francisco and beyond.


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