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Interview with Academy of Art University Graduate Ting-hsien Wu

What was your major?

Fine Art.

What year did you enter and graduate? What was your degree in?

1996 Fall ~ 1999 Spring, MFA.

Can you describe your best memory and experience at the Academy of Art University?

The Academy provided a studio after midpoint review for graduated students. This offered me a good environment to create my artwork. Also, our advisors and teachers were always available to discuss and give me some ideas.

What would you like to say to Academy students?

I would like to tell all the students from Taiwan to enjoy the facilities that the school provides, life in USA, and the culture of local and modern concept. Don’t rush to graduate. The days of staying in the USA will become the most treasured and best memories of your whole life.

What publications have reported on you and your art? 

There is a report from “1山傢飾” magazine published in Jan. 2007.


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