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Mac Nolan Lands Dream Job at General Motors

It is certainly a pleasure to get in touch with yet another Academy alum who is getting paid to do what he loves.  Mac Nolan is currently a design sculpture at General Motors, where he has been working for two and a half years.  He is part of a team designing the Volt, a new electric car in production by Chevrolet.

“I get to play with clay and style cars – it’s a great life!” says Mac Nolan.

Mac graduated from the Academy in Spring 2004; prior to joining GM, he was a product designer with Metaphase, where he designed home products and medical supplies.  While at the Academy he majored in Industrial Design and studied transportation design, taking classes with Allen Flowers of Nissan and Josh Hartle of Fiat.  To this day, Mac remembers the mentorship of Tom Matano, Director of Industrial Design at the Academy, who helped define Mac’s academic experience here at the school.


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