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Master of Architecture Grad Builds Career Preserving California History

If you ask Marcos Serrata, Master of Architecture graduate from Academy of Art University’s acclaimed School of Architecture, studying architecture is no easy feat, but worth every minute of it.

Although only a recent graduate, Marcos is already putting his hard-earned education to good use working as Intermediate Designer & Drafter at Garavaglia Architecture, Inc. The firm is a full-service architectural company specializing in historic preservation and building renovation and reuse.

Primarily focused on drafting and setting up construction documents for the firm’s historic preservation projects, Marcos creates the nuts and bolts that go into every project. His work also helps support the firm’s passion for maintaining the character of California’s historic structures while giving them a new life and community context.

Marcos found his calling in architecture while working for a variety of architectural firms in Texas. The experience of interacting with different architects and discovering his passion for the work convinced him to pack his bags and head West to California. 

Marcos researched some of the top architecture schools in California, searching for the one he felt would give him all the tools necessary to build a successful career in architecture.  Impressed with the School of Architecture’s NAAB accredited curriculum and the high caliber of instruction at the university, Marcos chose to call Academy of Art University his home and rolled up his sleeves ready to face the work ahead.
Upon completing the first half of the intensive architecture program, Marcos’ thesis proposal was accepted and his education gears shifted. From that point on Marcos worked non-stop on his thesis project and in 2008 successfully completed the construction of his super “site” model, a full scale model made entirely out of wood. 

With the tireless dedication Marcos afforded to his thesis project, he proved to his instructors that he was serious about his desire to become an architect. “If you want to pursue an architecture degree you need to sacrifice a lot of things. Work hard and it will show,” shared Marcos during a quick break from his full schedule at Garavaglia.

In return for his hard work, Marcos’ instructors took him under their wings and trained him to be the best draftsman and designer he could be, teaching him the importance of paying attention to all the details. “The more you work the more praise you will receive. With this you will find that the instructors acknowledge you more.”

The recent graduate attributes the accomplishments of both completing his super model and graduating with an M.Arch degree to his thesis instructor, Sam Mathau. He is excited to use his new skills in building a successful career and looks forward to making all his instructors proud. 


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