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Academy of Art University Meets the Press

An established Academy of Art University School of Motion Pictures and Television alumna participated in a press conference on education at the California State Capitol building in Sacramento. Deborah J. McDonald, who has worked with producers on American Idol among other exciting projects, was asked share her experiences at Academy of Art University and how the school has helped with her career. Attendees were extremely impressed with Deborah’s presentation as well as the Academy’s strong curriculum.

The press conference, titled The Role of Business in Education, was put on by the California Association of Private Postsecondary Schools (Capps). The purpose of the conference was to publicize the special relationship that private postsecondary schools have with the business community in California and the value of their graduates to California’s economy. Participants included the Executive Director and President of the Board of Directors of Capps, various California Assembly members, and representatives, employers, and graduates of private postsecondary schools.

Deborah’s impressive portfolio of work after graduation made her a perfect Academy of Art University representative. She graduated cum laude with distinction as a Director. In 2005, she took home the National Association of Television Program Executives (NATPE) national gold prize in its annual Student Video & Film Production Awards. In 2006, she was profiled on the FOX primetime special Fine Line on Design. She has also received the CJOH Television screenwriting grant.

She chose Academy of Art University because, in her opinion, the only way to become a filmmaker is to actually make films. The School of Motion Pictures and Television’s curriculum demanded that she start doing just that within the first semester.

“Its large roster of working professional instructors and huge inventory of film equipment provided me with the confidence and tools to learn and grow as a filmmaker,” she said.

Deborah shared the benefits of learning from film industry professionals and having access to state-of-the-art equipment. She made such an impact on the press conference attendees that she was asked to do an additional interview for a Capps public service announcement. The day proved to be an excellent opportunity for both the Academy of Art University as well as Capps to share the remarkable advantages of business in education.


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