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Members of Illustration Academy Visit Campus

Recently, a special West Coast edition of the Illustration Academy was held on campus. John English, Sterling Hundley, Brent Watkinson, and George Pratt, all famous, award-winning illustrators and some of the faculty involved in the Illustration Academy, were among those who participated in the program.

The Illustration Academy is an intense program of "immersion" into the art world. Each day is full of studio time, presentations, demonstrations, drawing time, and research time. Many evenings early in the program are reserved for sidebar demonstrations by the faculty. These may include the use of color, photography, lighting, composition, etc. Notes are taken and hands-on demos are used to show effective practices that assist the student in their work immediately.

We are happy to say that the event was a great success! Students who signed up for this program received over the course of a week lessons that they will cherish for a lifetime. Here is an image gallery of some notable highlights from the event:


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