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Michael Trachiotis to Recreate Dante's Inferno as Movie Blockbuster

Dante's Inferno Posters If you're a fan of epic poetry, Italian politics, or the eternal battle between the forces of good and evil, you might enjoy Dante Alighieri's medieval classic, The Divine Comedy. If that sounds interesting but you'd rather read something more contemporary, well then, Academy of Art University student Michael Trachiotis (MFA in Motion Pictures & Television) has the film for you!

Michael is currently in pre-production on a film based on the first part of Dante's text, Inferno. Michael's film reimagines Dante as a firefighter during San Francisco's great earthquakes and fires of 1906. He also is in development on a graphic novel of the same material.

Trachiotis, who is the writer, director, and producer of the film, describes the story as a character-driven thriller. " Dante's Inferno is about a vulnerable, guilt-ridden fireman who is driven to suicidal acts of bravery to find and save a newfound love," says Trachiotis.

"To me, Dante's Inferno represents all the reasons we go to see movies on the big screen. This is a love story set against the background of the epic destruction of the city of San Francisco. Ultimately, after four black days, with annihilation at their doorsteps and against all odds, Dante and the hearty forty-niner souls rise, suffocate the fiery holocaust and launch the city’s rebirth."

In order to bring his vision to life, Trachiotis has assembled a crack team of the Academy's finest artists and designers to bring his ghastly vision to life. "It is our goal to present the breathtaking, spectacular, heart wrenching, definitive tale of Dante and the survivors of the great 1906 San Francisco earthquake and fire in a classic cinematic way that resembles the great epic films like Gone with the Wind and Titanic."

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