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One Fine Art Graduate, Four San Francisco Murals

San Francisco is a world-renowned mecca for creativity. Its architecture, museums and murals are one-of-a-kind.

To be commissioned for a single mural in San Francisco where hundreds, if not thousands, would view it every day, is an honor. Fine Art graduate Layla Skramstad has completed four.

Layla’s largest of the four massive mural projects towers nine stories tall, located on 150 Hayes Street. She was recently featured on NBC Bay Area as an emerging artist who is making a splash in the vibrant art scenes of San Francisco.

From painting high above the city in the cold and wind while strapped in a harness, to street level endeavors with all its characters, NBC Bay Area’s photojournalist, Steve Field, followed her story to gain a little insight into the passion that drives Layla’s achievements.


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