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Academy of Art University Photography Students Win CMYK Magazine Contest

Four Academy of Art University School of Photography students’ work will be featured in the upcoming Summer/Fall issue of CMYK magazine, hitting newsstands in August. Veneta Zaharieva, Jasmine Rydell, Carmen Holt and Charles Merida are all winners of the most high-profile emerging creative portfolio contest in the nation. CMYK’s quarterly contest gives artists the opportunity to have their work published and seen by the most influential creative professionals.

The students’ work spans a wide range of genres. Jasmine Rydell’s winning fashion image seeks to provoke emotion as well as discussion about gender roles.

“I created the image Girl On A Red Leash in order to use fashion as a means to question and record society. Like many of my photographs, this image portrays a young female who is sexy, yet strong and independent. Although she is being restrained, she exudes confidence and will power,” she explains in her artist statement.

And though some may find Girl on Red Leash offensive, Jasmine sees that as an accomplishment.

“I aspire to have all my photographs challenge viewers to form opinions on the subject, whether positive or negative,” she writes.

“Girl on a Red Leash” by Jasmine Rydell

Charles Merida took his image Blackbird on a foggy day while driving down Highway 1. Though visibility was low, the blackbird stood out against the bright green field.

“It's exciting to have my work published and I can’t wait to see it printed in the magazine,” he said.

“Blackbird” by Charles Merida

Veneta Zaharieva

Magazine is devoted to exhibiting aspiring artists’ talents to the creative industry. CMYK is where creative directors, agency principals and art buyers recruit students and recent graduates from today's top art and design schools. The magazine is committed to bridging the gap between emerging artists and the creative professional world.

Carmen Holt


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