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Rajat Ghosh Keeps the Big Picture in Perspective

Not a lot of professional photographers have a background in geology, but Rajat Ghosh does. As is the case with many young students, he chose a career path out of necessity, not out of passion. "In Geology, I realized that I was preparing for a career just to make a living," Ghosh told Visage Media Services. But midway through his Master's degree he realized that he was mistaken, that it was not too late for him to radically change direction in his life.

It was then that Rajat Ghosh decided to study art and photography, and the school he chose was the Academy of Art University. Ten years after he made that choice, Rajat Ghosh has transformed himself into an excellent photographer. Aesthetically, he's guided by the concept that through photography he can capture images that cannot be seen by the naked eye. His landscape images are innovative in their use of infrared light. He is inspired more by painters such as Henri Matisse, James Rosenquist, Van Doesburg, and Mark Rothko than he is by other photographers.

Professionally, Rajat is in demand. His client list includes Coca Cola, Wrangler Jeans, Sony, Western Union, Hyundai, the San Francisco Ballet, Electronic Arts, and many more. He regularly works for agencies such as Lowe Lintas, J Walter Thompson, Contract, Ambiance D'arcy, Slightly Off Center, and the Bailey & Phillips Group.

He's been chosen for editorial assignments by magazines like Cosmopolitan and Forbes. He does movie publicity. He's an innovative artist, but also a shrewd businessman. His work was the recent subject of an exhibition in Mumbai, India, and he's also producing and directing a corporate film.

After so much success, Rajat remains humble about his success. He says, "I have been blown away by the response ... it has been a very exciting journey." If his recent work is any indication, the journey is only just beginning.

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