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Reality Television Launches MPT Grad’s Career

While the country only watches America’s Next Top Model and Project Runway, School of Motion Pictures and Television (MPT) alumnus Ryan Turpin is busy bringing the shows to life. Graduating less than a year ago, Ryan not only works on some of the hottest shows on television, he’s living his dream of traveling the world doing what he loves.

When searching for an art school, Ryan sought one that would prepare him to jump into the industry after graduation. According to him, Academy of Art University had everything he was looking for.

"Other film schools focus too much on theory. I didn’t want to wait two years before I got to express myself as an artist. At the Academy, I started using equipment and developing my creative storytelling abilities from day one," he said.  

Ryan says the Academy’s professional instructors also played a large part in his decision to attend the school. "I didn’t want to learn from some professor who hadn’t been on a film set in years. The instructors at the Academy are in touch with the real world," said Ryan.

MPT instructor Curran Engel was particularly inspirational to Ryan. Engel’s realistic teaching approach made it easier for Ryan to succeed in the industry.

"This is a people business," he shared. "Every move you make is remembered. You can’t burn bridges, and I learned that at the Academy." Ryan also realized that working harder to go beyond expectations leads to more opportunity.

Having a keen eye for location, Ryan quickly fell in love with attending film school in the eclectic city of San Francisco. "The city is so inspiring. You’re immersed in culture and technology. Plus you’ve got the city, forests, suburbs and the coast at your disposal for shooting," he said.

Ryan believes Academy of Art University’s MPT program offers any student the chance to shine, but you have to want it. "The Academy offers so much to students, but you get what you put into the program. The bare minimum won’t get you to your full potential," said Ryan.

Striving to reach his own full potential, Ryan is off to Tokyo next year to work on the new show So I Survived a Japanese Game Show. He feels his work in television has positioned him to achieve his ultimate goal of becoming a creative producer.
"I want to choose projects and see them completed from start to finish. Film and television are the last great American export, and I want to share the personal stories that people relate to," he said.


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