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School of Motion Pictures & Television Celebrates Filmfest 2006

Images from SECOND ROUND featuring Cinematography by senior Phillip Briggs.

Images from SECOND ROUND featuring Cinematography by senior Phillip Briggs. 

Proud filmmakers recently walked away with glass awards and special prizes during the Filmfest 2006 awards ceremony. The Filmfest is held annually in May at the end of the Spring semester for Motion Picture & Television students.

This year's special guests included President Elisa Stephens, Executive Vice President Sue Rowley, Vice President Martha Weeck and Executive Vice President Rachel Lee. Presenters of the awards included esteemed Motion Pictures & Television instructors and the directors: Jack Isgro (Director) who hosted the evening, Diane Baker (Director of Acting), Jonathan Fung (Associate Director), Curran Engel (Senior Portfolio Instructor), Karen Hirst (Acting Instructor), Shaaron Murphy (Editing Coordinator) and Hugh Litfin (Lead Cinematography Instructor). Also on hand were Eduardo Rufeisen (MFA Coordinator) and Elan Santiago (Technical Director).

Awards were presented to the winners of Epidemic Film Festivals held last fall and this spring. Recipients were Casimir Fornalski for Mate, Andrea Turner for White Flag, and Jason Pangilinan for Paper + Pencil.

The winner of Best Sound Design was Desiree Green for her work on The Passenger. Desiree received a gift certificate from Adolph Gasser's, Inc. Carolina Solorzano won the Best Experimental Picture award for Prose and received a gift certificate from JCX Expendables, Inc.

The Best Cinematography and Best Music Video awards went to Bilal Lashari for Hungami Halaat. Eastman Kodak Company provided a gift certificate for Lashari.

Best Production Design was shared by P.J. Koll and Phillip Briggs for their work on Woolite: Save the Princess which also earned Koll the awards for Best Commercial and Best Director. A gift certificate from Alexander Books was awarded to Briggs and a Sekonic Light Meter from B&H Photo Video in New York went to Koll as Best Director.

In addition to the award winners, the festival judges recognized two additional commercials with "honorable mention" awards. These were Mustang: Joy Ride by P.J. Koll and Sharpie by Kyoung (Jenny) Kim.

Clips of scenes from this year’s Acting 5 classes featuring the work of Kenny Marrero, Ed Rivas-Duke, Tom Pyron, Dana Lau, Fereshta Kazemi, Paul Reynolds, Ben Boucvalt, Chris Custodio, Chris Escultera, Nicole Gonzales, David McCloughan, Aton Sans-Katz, Octay Ege Kozak, Yan Lee and Valerie Brett were screened for the audience. The festival also showcased three exceptional narrative shorts, which have been selected for exhibition in Spring Show. These three pieces were not eligible for the Filmfest competition, as their total running time exceeded the 15-minute maximum. The three narrative shorts were Gordo by Juan Vincent Navarro, 2ND ROUND by Phillip Briggs and Victor by Suzanne Randle and Lucia Castillo.

Filmfest 2006 was produced by Dan Berns and Diane Purcille. Matt Trovaten was the projectionist and technical director of the event. Lauren Gee and Shaaron Murphy served as technical support. Al Hernandez edited the clips of scenes from this year's Acting 5 classes.

Motion Pictures & Television wishes to particularly thank the following vendors for the unflagging support of Filmfest festivals over the last five years: Adolph Gasser's, Inc.; Alexander Book Company; Avid, Inc.; B & H Photo Video; Eastman Kodak Company, Inc.; JCX Expendables, Inc.; Mamiya Corporation; and Monaco Labs.

For more information on our Motion Pictures & Television program, please visit our Motion Pictures & Television School pages.


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