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School of Advertising Grad Creates Imaging for World-Renowned Brands

School of Advertising Grad Creates Imaging for World-Renowned BrandsSchool of Advertising's Bernardo Reitich is past the point of anyone requiring his resume or educational background. He currently specializes in graphic packages and imaging for world renowned television networks like Univision, MTV and HBO as well as luxury brands such as Royal Caribbean. However, the road to success has taken a lot of hard work and dedication.

The Academy graduate hails from Caracas, Venezuela, and deciding to move to study in San Francisco was no small feat. Once at Academy of Art University, Bernardo dove head-first into the School of Advertising program. School of Advertising Grad Creates Imaging for World-Renowned Brands

Unfortunately, the economy back home in Venezuela threatened his ability to stay in school. Determined to follow his dreams, Bernardo sought after alternative financial options. "Academy of Art University gave me an opportunity to stay in school through a work-study program. It was challenging, but I learned to be self-reliant and work hard for what I want," said Bernardo.

Through it all, Bernardo’s family has had the deepest influence on his art and life choices. His father was both an engineer and an artist: a painter who also designed the logo and graphics for his engineering firm. Bernardo's sister was also artistic and was the first in his family to attend Academy of Art University. Bernardo's passions were drawing and photography, and his desire to attend the Academy was supported without hesitation by the Reitich family, with his big sister leading the way.

Advertising_Grad_Creates_Imaging_for_World Renowned_Brands_02smallDue to Bernardo's initiation and training, he is able to proudly say, "I have only worked as a full time employee once because I realized I was limiting myself if I lived a 9-5 job working for someone else". Since then, he has gone on to start an advertising agency of the highest caliber.

He has advice for Academy of Art University students and recent graduates alike. "I saw many of my fellow students and business associates fail from lack of persistence and by deviating from pursuing their artistic vision. It is your own individual work and your portfolio that are key to communicating what you will bring to a job or project."

Bernardo's artistic journey led him from kitchen table doodles in Caracas under his dad and sister's watchful eye, to owner and artistic director of his own high-end advertising agency. He never deviated from his dream.



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