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School of Advertising Students Win 2012/2013 Young Glory Competition

young glory It’s hard enough to come up with an eye-catching art concept, fresh content and standout design to win one advertising competition, let alone eight. But that’s exactly what Academy of Art University’s Tim O’Connell, Tim Murakami, Rahul Sawant and Dudley Duberry did when they partnered up to become team Insight & Execute and win the 2012/2013 Young Glory Competition.


Young Glory is an eight month international advertising competition for students and young professionals. Every month, the contestants were given a new concentrated marketing strategy known as a “brief.” They were then assigned a new professional advertising judge and a new opportunity to submit a project that not only fits the criteria, but shines above all others.


With briefs ranging from ways to highlight the image problem that Islam had in the U.S. post 9/11 to how to turn the war on drugs from a taboo to a conversation starter, the School of Advertising students rose to the challenge to not just turn profits, but to solve real-world problems. “With most briefs being about solving real social and economic problems around the globe, our job was not just ‘maximizing the profit’, but to come up with concepts that truly enhanced the quality of life for people,” said Rahul.


The key to finding the inspiration for each project came from dedication, explains Tim O. “We met every Saturday morning, from 10AM to 3PM every week, without fail. The only exceptions to meeting were Christmas and when we went to Montreal for winning round 6. We executed our ideas by everyone assuming their roles and focusing on making that part of the project as solid as possible.”


With such challenging and informative projects, the group honed in on the best advertising strategies. “The best ideas are simple and easy to understand to everyone but coming up with that simple idea is very difficult,” said Dudley.

young glory

Learning from the professional instructors at Academy of Art University had a profound impact on the team’s win and their portfolios. “I have had several professors that made a profound influence in my life. They have all made a difference,” said Dudley.


Tim O. believes that students will, “get what you give. If you don’t work hard you can’t reap the rewards, especially with what they do in the Advertising department. And don’t give up on competitions. You will lose a lot more than you will win. But you can’t win if you never enter in the first place.”


Tim M. continues to give advice to current students by saying, “Stay curious, my friends. Collaborate with talented people. If you surround yourself with people who are better than you, it will rub off.”


We covered at length the new program, the focus of study and the pressure students face preparing for the tremendously competitive job market.




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