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Sculpture Publication Takes Interest in Academy Students


Left: Jihoon Choi | Right: Lawrence Noble

Academy of Art University’s School of Fine Art - Sculpture was featured prominently in the February issue of the National Sculpture Society’s Sculpture Review magazine. The article, titled “Studio with a View: Studying Figurative Sculpture at Academy of Art University,” describes the department’s new location and profiles several students and faculty members.


Students come from all over the world to experience the School of Fine Art – Sculpture’s program at their new location: The Cannery in San Francisco. The article notes, “Chairman of the Sculpture Department, Lawrence Noble, considers the beautiful setting very appropriate for the kind of experience he hopes students will have in the new classrooms. ‘Students come full of excitement and passion,’ says Noble. ‘Our mission is to teach the skills they’ll need to manifest that joy with the vehicle of art.’”

Sculpture created by Erika Sanada

Student Roman Lapaev comes to the School of Fine Art - Sculpture from Moscow, and said to Sculpture Review, “My traditional academic art background allowed me to quickly transfer my drawing skills into sculpture, where I ended up feeling the most comfortable.” Gianna Dispenza, also studying at the Academy, said her goal is to develop a strong, visual language and produce as much work as possible. “Both old and new work inspires me. You cannot create great art without considering the relevance of work now and that which came before.”


Erika Sanada trained in design in Tokyo before coming to Academy of Art University to study figurative sculpture. Erika said within the article, “My educational goal is to learn a variety of different technical sculpting skills so I can better express my ideas through my work.” Fine Art student Jihoon Choi is originally from Korea, and now makes his home in downtown San Francisco. He explains that “after studying human and animal anatomy I could see movement and rhythm. Therefore, I became more interested in figurative sculpture.”

Sculpture created by Ryan Webb

Ryan Webb is a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps and decided to enter the School of Illustration where he took his first course in figure modeling. Now a Fine Art - Sculpture student, Ryan is inspired by the sculpture instructors at the Academy. “It has been their love of sculpture and individual artistic philosophies that have played an integral part in my growth and understanding of sculpture,” he said to Sculpture Review.


National Sculpture Society Fellow Lawrence Noble joined the faculty of Academy of Art University, Fine Art - Sculpture in the Summer of 2011. Now serving as Chairman of the department, Noble finds he is learning as much as he is teaching in his new role. He joins other award-winning sculptors in the Fine Art faculty, such as Peter Schifrin and Margaret Keelan.

School of Fine Art - Sculpture Chairman Lawrence Noble

Helping students find their own unique voice in the language of art is what Chairman Noble wants to facilitate. By focusing on skills instruction, giving students the best complement of tools they can develop, exemplifying a successful sculpture practice and fostering a love of the world of figurative sculpture, he hopes to pass on a fulfilling life in art to the next generation.



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