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Spring Show 2009 Electrifies Top Industry Professionals in Another Successful Celebration of Art and Design

Energy was soaring and creativity abounded as eager graduating students and top industry professionals alike converged to launch the grand opening of Academy of Art University’s Annual Spring Show. Housed at the Academy’s state-of-the-art facility at 601 Brannan, Spring Show 2009 saw record attendance as doors opened to an animated crowd.
The Annual Spring Show is a unique high-powered event that celebrates the intersection of art and industry and bridges the gap between the recently graduated and the companies seeking to hire.  Every year select graduating students from all fourteen art and design departments are invited to showcase their work for hundreds of industry professionals and meet for one-on-one interviews in the hopes of landing their dream job and ending the day happily employed.

Appearing more like a fine art gallery than a student art show, every corner of the expansive warehouse offered kaleidoscopic arrays of hues and tones that electrified the space and magnetized all who were present. Brilliantly colored illustrations, oil pigments on canvas, and carefully crafted architectural models dazzled the imagination while thought-provoking sculptures and compelling photography challenged the soul.

Marilyn Freedman, Head of Outreach at PDI/Dreamworks, is a veteran of the Spring Show.  She has attended the Spring Show for the last six years, witnessing its growth and rising success. “ I am amazed at how the university manages the volume of artwork and attendees every year. Everything is extremely well done, and I feel very taken care of when I am here.”

A dynamic testament to the powerful and noteworthy combination of traditional fine art education and cutting-edge technology that defines the philosophy of the university, the Spring Show continued to impress even the most seasoned industry professionals.  “The quality always excites me here.  The delicate balance of skills is highly evident.  The balance between traditional training, cutting-edge technology and progressive thought…that’s when art changes the world,” eagerly shared Todd Harris, Visual Development Director at Disney Interactive Studios.

Throughout the afternoon enthusiastic students patiently waited in line, portfolios and demo reels in hand, ready to put their hard-earned skills to the ultimate test. Industry professionals from Sony, Walt Disney Company, Marvel Comics, BMW, Lucasfilm, Nissan, American Greetings, Grey/NY, Deutsch LA, Nickelodeon, Microsoft Games, Blue Sky Studios, and many others reviewed the portfolios of these aspiring artists and designers while allowing them the priceless opportunity to share their inspirations and qualifications.  As they scouted each hopeful for fresh new talent, they were astounded by the high caliber of work.

“I am so knocked out by the talent in all the departments. I didn’t expect the standards of creativity to be as high as this. And I love it,” remarked Susan Friedman, President of Susan Friedman Ltd., widely regarded as the most knowledgeable and informed consultant and recruiter in the advertising business. “There is talent here that will get jobs. I have found more than one. I don’t know how I am going to squeeze them all into the agencies, but I am,” she added.

Another veteran of past Spring Shows, Luisa Liriano, Recruiter for Grey/NY happily commented, “The thing I enjoyed the most was meeting and talking to the students. They were an impressive group.”

As the event drew to an end, President Elisa Stephens took a moment to honor and congratulate the graduating students for their perseverance and their steadfast dedication to their art, highlighting their endless future possibilities. Proud to see such a talented group of emerging artists and designers enter the professional world and confident in the knowledge that each and every student received the comprehensive education necessary to launch a prolific career in their chosen fields, she wished them all vast success.

“The Academy of Art University will without a doubt create pioneers in their industries,” affirmed Todd Harris. “I’ll definitely be back next year!”

Many congratulations to all the student winners and heartfelt thanks to all of the industry participants for making Spring Show 2009 an event to remember.

See the spectacular Spring Show work here.


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