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Styrofoam Cup King to Acclaimed Author

Styrofoam Cup King to Acclaimed AuthorAcademy of Art University’s School of Animation & Visual Effects graduate Cheeming Boey has not only earned himself the title of the Styrofoam Cup King of the illustration world for his alchemy on disposable Styrofoam cups, but now is an acclaimed author.
Cheeming originally pursued a BFA from the School of Advertising, but later switched his academic efforts to his passion and graduated in 2001 with a BFA degree from the School of Animation & Visual Effects. His career at Blizzard allowed him such notable titles such as Lead Animator for Diablo 3. After Diablo’s release, and thirteen years with the company, Cheeming decided to leave to follow his own pursuits as an author. Styrofoam Cup King to Acclaimed Author
 Styrofoam Cup King to Acclaimed Author
Cheeming captures all the confusion, angst, humor and more, of life as a child in his maiden literary effort, When I Was a Kid. It’s a book about “nothing yet everything…” Cheeming explained. The book was inspired by my blog, which I encourage all artists to read if they’re unsure about working for themselves or for a company. The struggles are littered all over the blog which is a documentation of my day-to-day, every day for the past six years.”
This book meanders through childhood musings and a journal of the US-based animator’s life growing up in Malaysia and Singapore. “When I Was a Kid is a book about growing up. It is a mix of lies parents tell you, about self discoveries and sibling rivalries. It is a child’s secret that was never meant to be published. The book is guaranteed to be your personal time machine,” Cheeming said.
Cheeming credits the Academy’s industry standard equipment with preparing him for the job market, but also most importantly acknowledges the extracurricular animation projects he collaborated on with fellow classmates. Animation students at the Academy took it upon themselves to lean and gain as much animation experience as early as they could, in order to be best equipped for the job market they knew awaited them. And with the help of School of Animation instructor Randy McCrimmon, these efforts have proven successful.Styrofoam Cup King to Acclaimed Author
Cheeming’s advice to students is to let them know that the difference between having dreams and making them your reality is simply going for it. “If you want to be the best, look around you and work harder than the hardest working person you know. Remember to market yourself because you can draw the best portrait, but no one will know of you if you just sit home and draw,” said Cheeming. So put yourself out there and follow your dreams.

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