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Taiwan Alumni Association President Tom Chen Shares Experiences and Wisdom

Sometimes playing too many computer games pays off – for Academy of Art University alum Tom Chen, it certainly did. Since graduating from the School of Computer Arts New Media, Tom has had a prolific career as a web designer.

Tom was originally studying graphic design at a California State University. At the encouragement of a friend, he made the decision to pursue a BFA in Computer Arts New Media at Academy of Art University. He was particularly impressed by the state-of-the-art computer labs, giving students the opportunity to experience the world’s best technology.

By learning fundamental knowledge and skills, the Academy has opened many doors for Tom. He remembers John Woodbridge and Dennis de Santis to be incredibly influential instructors.

“John’s class was very interesting, but challenging,” he said. “I always remember one question that Dennis asked us: ‘Why interactive?’ If there is no interaction, we can just make a video.’”

Tom currently serves as the Interim President of the Academy of Art University Taiwan Alumni Association.  He advises students to take advantage of the plentitude of resources available at the Academy.

“I’d suggest for current students to treasure their time in art school and to learn as many things as they can to prepare for their future.”


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