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Teen People's "Shine on Design" Winner Visits Campus

When Elizabeth Castellon decided to sign up for Teen People's "Shine on Design" competition, she didn't really think she had a chance to win. So when she found out that she had won an opportunity to fly across the country to San Francisco and spend a week at the Academy of Art University, she could hardly believe it.

"I was very excited," said Castellon, a native of the Bronx and freshman at the State University of New York. "I had never been to the west coast before!"

When she wasn't checking out the hustle and bustle of Chinatown, or the famous San Francisco sea lions at Pier 39, Castellon had the opportunity to help MFA Fashion School student Jalah Naasz prepare her collection for the department's Graduate Fashion Show. Castellon helped Jalah with the final piece in her collection.

"I was impressed by the excellent facilities, and I liked the fact that the instructors all have experience in the industry," Castellon said. She also noted that the department is quite a bit bigger than hers at SUNY, and the student body was much more diverse.

It has yet to be determined whether Elizabeth Castellon will ever attend the Academy, which is a long way away from the Big Apple. "If you want to attend the Academy of Art University, you need to have passion," said the Academy's Executive Vice President, Rachel Lee. "If Elizabeth has the passion, I think she would make a great addition to our campus!"

While Castellon decides, she also has been invited to attend the Spring Fashion Show and meet famed designer Alexander McQueen, the judge of this year's show. She also has the opportunity to take part in the Academy’s runway show at Olympus Fashion Week.

So on behalf of the Academy of Art University and Teen People, congratulations to Elizabeth. Who knows, maybe this won't be the last time we see her at Fashion Week!

For more information on our Fashion program, please visit our Fashion Design School pages.


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