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Web Design & New Media Grads Using Design to Enhance Business

A distinctive brand image can give companies an edge in increasingly competitive markets, making art and design a major driver of businesses. From advertising and package design to websites and logos, designers are changing the face of business.

Two Academy of Art University Web Design & New Media graduates are using their creativity and talent to keep brands ahead of the curve. Michaelangelo Moran has worked on every aspect of design for his own company GO-JEK, and work by Anthony Errisuriz recently won two Silver ADDY Awards from the Dallas chapter of the American Advertising Federation.

GO-JEK Website by Michaelangelo Moran
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Go-Jek: An Innovative Business Model and Brand

Part transportation company and part social enterprise, Michaelangelo Moran’s company GO-JEK is a company designed specifically for Jakarta, Indonesia. Ojeks are unbranded motorcycle taxis that people use to beat the gridlocked traffic within the city. With territories throughout the city, each ojek driver works on his own to find fare and set rates.

GO-JEK is working to change all of that. After interviewing ojek drivers about their experiences, Nadiem Makarem, one of Michaelangelo’s partners and co-founders, developed a business plan through with they would supply ojeks with customers through a call center. The company would then split the revenue based on a commission system. Nadiem called the company GO-BIKE.

“When he asked me to be part of the company, I changed the name to GO-JEK because the name is much easier and would fit the Indonesian community better,” said Michaelangelo.

Waterbom Website
by Michaelangelo Moran
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With his creative talents, Michaelangelo’s contributions to the company have extended far beyond the name. Since becoming one of the founders of the company, he has designed the logo, website, uniform, helmets, flyers, promotional cards, business cards and much more.

Michaelangelo’s background is in event management and retail management. In both industries, he found that design work, such as motion graphics, interior design and ads, were necessary for promoting the company. He was inspired by seeing all of this work to pursue design as a career, and Academy of Art University seemed the natural choice.

“Academy of Art University was the only school I found that taught the whole nine yards,” he said. “One thing led to another and I applied and left Indonesia to move to San Francisco.”

With innovative design and business minds behind the company, big things are in store for GO-JEK. “We have just reached new heights by being featured on CNN, but it doesn’t stop there,” said Michaelangelo.

My Vantasy: A Storybook Adventure

When visiting the My Vantasy Honda Odyssey microsite, the audience is enveloped in a story all about their own life. The user fills in the blanks in their very own storybook, indicating whether their family will be “rocking out” or “looking for adventure.” Based on these answers and uploaded photos, an individual video is generated for the user.

My Vantasy Website by Anthony Errisuriz
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Academy of Art University Web Design & New Media graduate Anthony Errisuriz envisioned the idea behind the site. “I was challenged to create a fun and enjoyable interactive experience that people could use to visualize themselves in the all new 2011 Honda Odyssey,” he said. “I had the idea of creating a storybook Fantasy Adventure that allows the user to take part in the story and choose from different scenarios.”

The result, My Vantasy, for which Anthony was the Senior Art Director, won two Silver ADDY Awards from the Dallas American Advertising Federation. The awards were in the Online Campaign and Interactive Flash categories.

With a passion for both video production and design, Anthony wanted to find a way to incorporate both fields into his future. He believes his time at Academy of Art University prepared him to translate those skills into a creative future.

“I really feel the Academy has provided me with such a wide range of skills to take on nearly anything I can dream up,” he said.

Tokyo Game Show Broadcast Package
by Anthony Errisuriz
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In addition to his work on the award-winning microsite, Anthony has been busy working on a variety of projects. Past projects include broadcast motion graphics packages for the Tokyo Game Show, which offered him full creative freedom while leading the direction, mood and look for the video content, as well as the opportunity to travel to Japan on several occasions.

“I am grateful that design has allowed me to travel overseas, throughout the States and even a chance to see my work displayed in New York’s Time Square,” he said. “I never would have dreamed this to be possible.”


With their innovative concepts, fresh new designs and dedication, Academy of Art University graduates are truly a driving force in business. Anthony offers this advice to current students with a passion for design: “Always put forth your best effort and opportunities to work on some amazing projects will come your way.”



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