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Choose Art Over Fear

Once upon a time, Kristan Le was a financially stable software engineer working in Silicon Valley. "I kind of cried on the way to work because I wanted to paint," Kristan said. Taking a leap of faith,she ended her career and enrolled at Academy of Art University. Still, she approached art with trepidation. "I always wanted to paint, but was afraid," she said. Kristan always remembered what her sculpture teacher once told her: "Choose art over fear." Kristan took that line a step further: "Choose love over fear. Even if you're painting, there's so much inhibition. But if you choose what you feel is right, it will be OK." She embraced her own philosophy when she opened Renditions Art Gallery in downtown Walnut Creek with her partner, Tu Bui. It has been a venture for her, which has proved fruitful, as the gallery will be celebrating its first year anniversary with a reception on November 10, 6:30PM-9:30PM at 1383 N. Broadway, Walnut Creek, CA.

For more information, Visit www.RenditionsArtGallery.com

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